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The Rhyming Dictionary for the iPhone and iPod touch

Perfect Rhyme™ is an American English rhyming dictionary that delivers "perfect rhymes". Available now on the App Store.

A perfect rhyme is made by two words that share the same stressed vowels and ending sounds, such as the pair "sing" and "wing." An example of an imperfect rhyme is "wing" and "caring".

To use, simply start typing in the word you want to rhyme. Once you have typed enough letters and you see the word in the list, simply select the word. The rhymes will appear, unless you select a word like "orange", of course! Browse the rhymes alphabetically, or skip to words of a particular number of syllables. For more information, see our support page.

Key Features:

Please contact us with suggestions for the next version! We'd love to hear how you are using Perfect Rhyme and how we can make it even more useful for you.

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